Market Test of New designed touchscreen BBQ thermometer

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Market Test of New designed touchscreen BBQ thermometer

Postby Andre Lau » Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:33 am

Hey Guys!

New to here,very happy to be one of your friends!
:salut: :salut: :salut:
My company is an electronics instruments specialized manufacturer with over 6yrs experience.We had been enrolled in AMAZON online retailer since last year.
Our major products are food thermometers and electricity instruments.Something just like infrared laser thermometer, Temperature controller,
Touchscreen grill thermometer.

BBQ market is what we aim most in our first step to outdoor market.
Even with some experience,we still have many unkonwn on how customers will react when our new product are about to publish to the market.
we need get some feedback/advice from customer.

Under such condition we sincerely need you to help us to judge if our product are good enough comapred to other suppliers and the last generation product.
Using experience from you means a lot to our new product.

Pls note that our touchscreen BBQ thermometer will be sent you our product under 0.15 buck,(99% off,alomost free!!!)
what you need to do is just try our product and advise your honest comments to our listing so we will get some inspiration from your idea.

About 10 lucky guys are needed to have this project on...pls don't hesitate to contact with me
For more details send mails thru
Pls mail note that FROM TEXAS BBQ FORUM :laughing7: :laughing7:

Many thanks!

Andre Liu
Xiamen KETOTEK co.,ltd
The Support of KETOTEK Research Center

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