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East of the Sabine River Humor

Postby OldUsedParts » Mon Aug 08, 2022 4:27 pm

Boudreaux's crawfish business had been doing really well. so he decided to take him a big trip on a safari over in Africa. He took along his old coon dog, Phydeaux, to keep him company.
The first day out in the jungle, the old coon dog wandered off while chasing colorful African butterflies. Phydeaux spotted a young leopard running full out toward him. Knowing that he could not out-run the leopard, the old dog begin to think. Looking around he spotted some old bones on the ground. He turned away from the approaching leopard and started chewing on the bones.
Just as the leopard was ready to leap on him, the dog announced loudly, "That sure was some good leopard. I hope I can catch another one."
Upon hearing this, the leopard stopped and tore off into the jungle. The leopard was in shock and said, "I'm lucky I didn't mess with that coon dog. I'd be his next meal for sure."
A monkey up in the trees saw the whole event and knew that he would have to continue living in fear of the leopard. The monkey decided to make a deal with the leopard, so he took off in search of the big cat.
The old coon dog saw the monkey heading the same way that the leopard went and figured something was up. Sure enough, the monkey spilled the beans and told the leopard all that had happened. The leopard went into a wild rage and told the monkey to get on his back and he would see what a leopard could do to an old coon dog.
Phydeaux saw the leopard coming with the monkey on his back and knew he was in trouble. Again quickly thinking, he turned his back to the charging jungle animals, and just like before, just when the leopard was ready to pounce, Phydeaux exclaimed loudly, "I wonder where that monkey is that I sent off to find me another leopard?"
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