Red Wine ñ Herbs Marinated Lamb Chops with Mashed Parsnips

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Red Wine ñ Herbs Marinated Lamb Chops with Mashed Parsnips

Postby Hj » Sat Dec 04, 2010 4:02 pm

8 lamb chops about 1” thick trim fat
1c. Pinot Noir or Merlot dry red wine or like
1/4 c. onion chop
3 T. Worcestershire Sauce
2 T. lemon juice fresh squeezed
1 T. sugar or use Equal or Splenda equal to 1 T. or taste
2 tsp. dried oregano
2 tsp. dried thyme

3 T. cilantro leaves or parsley chopped

Marinade Chops in zip lock bag with all EXCEPT cilantro or parsley-
in sealed bag 15 minutes –turning often –room temperature-or marinate 6 hours in refrigerator.

Pull out chops from bag- drain a couple seconds –place them onto a lightly oiled rack with a baking sheet underneath it- lined with foil. Pour all marinade into 12” or larger skillet ñ bring to boil –high heat.

OR Grill those babies with lightly oiled rack ñ use same directions as broiling.

Place chops under broiler -about 6 “inches from burners ñ baste with boiled marinade several times - boil 8 to 10 minutes total for medium rare. Remove when ready to platter ñ sprinkle with cilantro or parsley.

Note~ Sometimes at the end –I add little romano cheese right on the lamb just when serving or set it on table with some red crushed pepper flakes. Serve with mashed parsnips with garlic granular –butter-salt ñ pepper with touch of milk or cream if needed ñ salad. Making either way is good. Please don't over cook them.
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