Last Christmas with RecTec

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Last Christmas with RecTec

Postby rms827 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:22 am

Now that I'm back on the forums, I thought I'd pass this story along.

Most of the holidays are usually at my house anymore. My mom hates entertaining, and out of everybody left in the area, I'm pretty much the best cook. :mrgreen:

Christmas, we had prime rib planned, along with a few veggies, some biscuits, etc... Dessert was a homemade dutch crust apple pie and peppermint bark chocolate brownie ala mode. We eat earl on holidays, typically around 1:30 so everyone can travel back home. With that in mind, I drag my carcass out of bed at 5:30 to get everything going. What do I find after getting started? The stove is dead as a door nail. Murphy's Law right? LOL. Who are you going to get to fix a stove at 6am on Christmas morning? My first thought was of Ralphie's family going to Wong's House of Chinese in 'A Christmas Story'. :mrgreen: :santa:

My second thought was "Oh heck no. Maybe we can drag everything up to my parents' place and cook there." That quickly got shot down too. I didn't feel like bum rushing getting cleaned up and everything packed, then driving an hour and a half. Finally it hit me; I have a perfectly good pellet grill sitting in the garage (to keep it out of the weather). I can make this work! Luckily it was clear that day. I wheeled the grill around to the back yard and cooked the entire Christmas dinner on the RT 680, dessert included.

Here's the prime rib:


I should have gotten pics after I carved it. It turned out textbook though. I was too busy eating to take pics :santa:

No pics of the side dishes, but here are the desserts:


The brownies were actually a take home for my brother. The official dessert ones were made in individual ramekins. Same general idea however. :)
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Re: Last Christmas with RecTec

Postby TX1911 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:45 pm

And that's what I call a trump card! Well done!
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