The Bermuda Beef Triangle

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The Bermuda Beef Triangle

Postby Boots » Thu Feb 25, 2021 1:30 pm

So, between the wacky temperature changes we’ve had and the creepy vegetable invasion, I’ve been feeling a bit like floating in the Bermuda Triangle.

As such, what could be more appropriate than a dish best served medium rare? Tri tip!

Picked up a Wagyu from Matt Hamilton’s place in McKinney and proceeded to get down to business. Rubbed with a combination of SB 1836 and Hog Waller to start with (Told you I was feeling weird). Then pan seared it in butter to start, and finished on the grill in my tin man cooker to 130 internal (And cooked enough my wife will eat it. We are making progress but I have not yet gotten her to medium rare. At that temperature, the middle is 130 and the ends are 140 and we can both be happy. Best friends is how do you stay married 27 years and counting, at least in my methodology).

Served with a fresh green salad and some homemade gigante ABTs I made w 6” jalapeños from El Rancho Mercado and followed by mint chocolate brownies with a scratch made combination butter/cream cheese cream icing flavored with 4 tablespoons of the DeKyupers cream Dement.

Do do do do, do do do do, do do do!!!
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Re: The Bermuda Beef Triangle

Postby Norway Joe » Thu Feb 25, 2021 1:46 pm

You're the man! What a great meal.

1836 and hogwaller is helt Texas.

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Re: The Bermuda Beef Triangle

Postby Rambo » Thu Feb 25, 2021 2:29 pm

Very nice Boots
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Re: The Bermuda Beef Triangle

Postby OldUsedParts » Thu Feb 25, 2021 4:05 pm

Great Plate for a Date :wav: :tup: :chef: :cheers: :salut: :texas:
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Re: The Bermuda Beef Triangle

Postby phillymike » Fri Feb 26, 2021 8:47 pm

That’s a fine meal, well done!

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