Shrimp Al Mojo de Ajo Got this when I went to Mexico

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Shrimp Al Mojo de Ajo Got this when I went to Mexico

Postby Hj » Tue Oct 05, 2010 4:52 pm

1 lb. jumbo size shrimp clean peel ñ devein
1 head garlic (about 20 pieces peeled
1 onion white fist size cut in 10 pieces
1 T. salt
1 c. I Can’t Believe it’s Butter melted (In Mexico they used don't know what brand.
20 limes each cut in half each
2 T. ground pepper

Cut -not completely through the shrimp from the belly side- butterflied open ñ lay flat –set aside

~Mojo de Ajo Sauce
Place onion -peeled garlic-pepper ñ juice from limes into a blender with tablespoon of salt-blend ’till everything is liquefied-it should look like a cream soup (taste - salt to UR liking.
Pour sauce into a bowl -marinate -add split shrimp in mojo de ajo from blender (you can use a shallow container to do this.


Start immediately in large skillet -add about a cup I Can’t Believe it’s Butter to melt slowly while this is going on then throw them in pan with margarine (low fire works better-to melt- turn up heat ñ add marinated shrimp –cook till they turn reddish pink -about 3 minutes total ñ don’t forget to turn them -remove from skillet to paper towels to soak up excess margarine -cool them off.
They go extremely well with a salad ñ rice.

Note ~ WRAP shrimp in thin slices of bacon-toothpicks to hold together before placing them into fry -for a really satisfying meal.
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