Holidays any time shrimp separate or Stuffed in Pasta Shells

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Holidays any time shrimp separate or Stuffed in Pasta Shells

Postby Hj » Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:06 pm

Giving two different ways to make n eat these for Holidays -gatherings or anytime U like n adding for a cheeseball if using for stuffing JUST the shrimp. Enjoy - can really get creative with this. It is very easy n doesn't take time to do. These can even be made a head -covered n chilled.

Jalapeño Cheese Stuffed in Shrimp or in Past Tubes

2 lbs. unpeeled large fresh shrimp
6 c. water

8 ozs. cream cheese softened
2 to 5 jalapeño peppers seeded finely chopped
2 garlic cloves minced fine
2 T. cilantro freshly chopped
salt ñ pepper to taste
½ tsp. to 1 tsp. little Better Than Chicken Bullion or to taste –go easy
Little lemon or lime zest is optional
If it is too thick use little half ñ half –not much tablespoon at a time

Cooked pasta shells or tubes as usual in salted boiling water.

Peel shrimp leaving tail intact - cut a deep slit down length of outside curve of each shrimp- de-vein- RINSE WELL BEFORE BOILING
Bring water to a boil- add shrimp- cook 3 - 5 minutes or until shrimp turn pink ñ to UR likeness. Drain well- rinse with cold water- chill.

Mi x cream cheese -remaining ingredients- beat well.
Only do this part if filling tubes ñ shells other wise stuff just the shrimp with cream cheese ñ make a cheese balls with remaining stuffing.

Fill a decorating bag fitted with metal tip No. 21 with cream cheese mixture. Pipe filling lengthwise into the slits of shrimp “OR” use a small zip lock bag fill ñ cut one bottom corner ñ squeeze cream cheese mixture out to fill the tubes or shells. Serves 16-18 appetizers.

Note~ I like to make enough filling to put into the cooked pasta shells or large tubes BUT chop up the shrimp when adding to cream cheese for shells.
If making cream cheese for just stuff those shrimp ñ making a mini cream cheese ball -add some cheddar cheese ñ smoked chipotle powder with the all of it ñ roll it in crushed pistacho’s or use whatever even fried bacon crumbled.
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