Tuna Pickles ñ Wasabi Snack or Anytime Rice Crackers Hj's

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Tuna Pickles ñ Wasabi Snack or Anytime Rice Crackers Hj's

Postby Hj » Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:25 pm

Tuna with Pickles ñ Wasabi Snack or Anytime Rice Crackers or Anything Hj's U want to eat it on

1 can white tuna in water large Bumble Bee drain well break up well
onion chopped fine or use onion granular to taste as I did
little fresh lemon juice squeezed to taste about ½ a small or less
black pepper to UR liking
mayo just a little used Hellman’s
touch of Philly whipped cream cheese
wasabi sauce to UR liking ñ taste
kosher pickle diced small ñ some pickle juice go slow ñ taste to UR liking
Hormel bacon fresh ñ already cooked in a bag crumbled kind Walmart

Mix all together ñ chill well serve on rice crackers – sandwich or on a bed of greens or chopped lettuce or in middle of floured tortilla ñ cut into circles for parties or snacks or as a dip with corn or potato chips.

Notes~ this is really delicious ñ low fat – a long with not making it overly with mayo. Can make hotter ñ sub the wasabi for either red crushed pepper flakes or cayenne but using not a lot but just what is that of Wasabi Sauce is great.

Note ~ great for dieting - but at 71 now - I just eat cause I can't gain n have tried. Plus I don't cook as much. Must been those darn back surgeries. lol :wink:
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