You'll wonder where the Yeller went

Salads, slaws, veggies, chili, soup, anything you serve with a meal.

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Re: RE: Re: You'll wonder where the Yeller went

Postby woodenvisions » Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:12 am

Williep wrote:Year's ago a guy brought some tongue's to work, when I saw those thing's cooking I thought to myself just how nasty they look but I got to tell ya that when you peeled the skin off and sliced it up it made one dang good sandwich. :cheers: :cheers:

I know a guy that will have nothing to do with egg's, not sure if he had a bad experience with a chicken when he was young or what :dont: :lol: but he just want eat an egg. He even said that if anybody cook's an egg in his skillet, he's going to throw the skillet away, I just don't understand. :dont:
I've never had tongue like that, and as for the guy with the Eggofobia...
Well....he's got some serious issues lol !!

I could probably guess why, but I won't comment in respect for all of us that DO eat eggs and want to continue eating them :)
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Re: You'll wonder where the Yeller went

Postby Russ » Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:36 pm

I love lambs tongue sammys, but the price has risen to huge prices now, the cans of them are shipped to Arab countries where they are a delicacy. I grew up with lamb tongue and salad for nightly meals every now n then.

Havnt had 1 in a long time, just don't see them in stores anymore.

Salisbury Farm Peeled Lamb Tongues
CodeProductNet WeightCarton PackingCarton Gross WeightSALT705Salisbury Farm Peeled Lamb Tongues330gm12 x 330gm5.0Carton m3Cartons Per PalletCartons Per layerCartons per FCLProduct BarcodeCarton Barcode0.0068100204,000940314520302129403145300540

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