Salsa recipe similar to La Hacienda Ranch?

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Re: Salsa recipe similar to La Hacienda Ranch?

Postby strength_and_pow » Thu Jun 25, 2020 7:59 pm

opus wrote:
strength_and_pow wrote:I have made a smoked salsa where I blanched the tomatoes and gave everything a rough chop, set on a couple of wire racks and basically cold smoked with an Amazen smoke tube for a few hours then blended and it had a nice smoky flavor and a darker color. It was good the first day but even better the second.
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Do you mind sharing the full recipe? I would love to give it a try. I haven't seen any with bell peppers in them.

Don’t know that I followed an exact recipe, saw a smoked salsa thread online and ended up grabbing ingredients at the store. I probably googled salsa recipes from the store to make sure I had what I needed. Probably 2-3 hours of smoke and then into the blender it went. Blend, taste, add seasoning and ingredients, blend, taste, repeat until it’s where you want it. Sorry I’m not more help

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Re: Salsa recipe similar to La Hacienda Ranch?

Postby k.a.m. » Thu Jul 02, 2020 3:02 pm

opus wrote:
k.a.m. wrote:I am a pretty simple guy when it comes to salsa. Years ago a little place in Bracketville Texas called The Krazy Chicken had a salsa that was awesome. I asked the lady for the recipe and was surprised. Roasted jalapenos and whole canned tomatoes that's it. I now make my own using 3 or 4 roasted jalapenos from my cast iron skillet and a large can of whole tomatoes. Roast the peppers place in processor seeds and all then add tomatoes. Blend it up then simmer in a pot for about five minutes.

It is amazing that most recipes I've seen are using canned everything. Just different in the type of tomatoes. Some call for roasted, some whole canned, some diced and some call for rotel. They even call for canned non-pickled jalapenos. You must like spicy like me. I put 1 jalapeno in my last recipe and the wife was saying it was too hot and I didn't think it had any heat. I'm about ready to call her a fake cajun!

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Re: Salsa recipe similar to La Hacienda Ranch?

Postby Rambo » Fri Jul 10, 2020 11:45 pm

Currently I am using home grown tomatoes. Walmart has a diced “ Fire Roasted Tomatoes “ and they work great. I pull out my meat grinder and use the larger plate like a chili grind, works great. I Do Not run the Onions and Jalepeno’s through the grinder or blender; small chopped. Tomorrow I’m going to make a large batch and smoke the tomatoes in the pit using Pecan at high temp
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Re: Salsa recipe similar to La Hacienda Ranch?

Postby Hj » Thu Aug 06, 2020 1:27 am

Think this what U ARE looking for

Blackened Smoky Salsa

Black color comes from "charring very firm plum or roma tomatoes ñ peppers before they’re pureed".  The blackened skin not only adds color - it adds tons of smoky flavor. DRIED PASILLO Ancho peppers give a smoky taste ñ flavor. I use red dried Anaheim's ñ "after soaking both dried type peppers or most the time I roast the dried peppers without soaking them. It's tricker that way" anyhow - I roast both peppers over on top of my gas stove using tongs.

Roasting tomatoes - onions - jalapeño or serrano peppers ñ garlic which gives another layer of flavor - roast under the broiler on a cookie sheet lined with foil ! BE CAREFUL adding too much jalapeño or use serrano's for the heat.

I used both long dried red anaheim chiles - ñ dried pasillo chiles - as well as a couple of jalapeños.  Soak dried chilies in boiling water till soft - then blacken them OR just roast the dried ones DRY, BE CAREFUL THEY WILL CATCH ON FIRE EASY THIS WAY..BUT OH SO GOOD!  I just held mine with tongs over the gas flame on my stove top - they blacken instantly n I do instant U Want then charred all over for that flavor n darkness.

"Roast the jalapeño and/or serrano's peppers under a broiler"- or over a charcoal grill - or right on a gas stove top.  AGAIN use caution when blackening dried peppers over an open flame - they CAN easily catch fire IF TOO DRY.  Using a long pair of tongs to hold them is secure ñ safe. U WANT THEM BLACK ALL OVER!  Tomatoes - jalapeño's and/ or serrano 's are best done under the broiler with onions ñ garlic.

ROAST these 1st six items~
4 to 5 dried red Hatch or other large red chile peppers (Anaheim peppers turned red
2 lbs. red tomatoes very firm
2 jalapeño peppers
2 pasilla chile ancho dried peppers fresh about 10 ozs. substitute poblano if you can't find them
1 red onion peeled rough chopped medium can use yellow or white
4 garlic cloves large

1/2 tsp. cracked black pepper fresh
2 tsps. chili powder
2 tsps. gr. cumin powder
juice of 1 lime
1 to 2 Tbsps. Worcestershire sauce - optional "I sometimes use ñ sometimes not" - try both ways - go easy on the Worcestershire sauce if using
1 to 2 Tbsps. x virgin olive oil
salt to taste at the very end

Spread cilantro leaves over top or add in when pureeing.

Cover dried chiles with boiling water - let soak 30 minutes. Make sure they are covered by the water. WEIGH chiles down if U have to.

While chiles soak - turn the broiler on high - set the rack at the highest setting. Line a baking sheet with foil ñ arrange tomatoes - jalapeño abd/or serrano's ñ garlic on it. Broil about 15 minutes - turn occasional - till tomatoes are blackened all over all softened - set aside.
Repeat procedure with the soaked peppers ñ charr them.

Add charred tomatoes - onion ñ garlic in the food processor with - pulse till finely minced. Pour into a large bowl. Add pepper - Gebhert chile seasoning ñ cumin powder - lime juice ñ (if using the Worcestershire sauce. Add salt at the very last of making salsa. Work in batches if necessary.

Remove - discard stems from all the peppers - chop them in half. Puree them in a processor ñ add to the bowl. Removing seeds from peppers is UR choice ñ for heat. I remove some seeds.

Add olive oil to the bowl ñ blend everything together. Cover ñ chill till ready to serve. Taste the salsa before serving ñ adjust any of the seasonings. This is a thick salsa - can water to water it down some.

Garnish with a handful fresh cilantro leaves only chopped on top or add right in the salsa.
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