Spice Blends & Dry Rubs

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Spice Blends & Dry Rubs

Postby CaptJack » Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:33 am

Spice Blends & Dry Rubs

Cajun Spice Blend- 2TBsp- cumin; 2TBsp- coriander; 2TBsp- paprika; 1½tsp- salt; 1½tsp- black pepper; cayenne pepper to taste; 1TBsp- oregano

Creole Seasoning Mix- 1/2cup- Kosher salt; 1/3cup- paprika; 1/4cup- granulated garlic; 4TBsp- onion powder; 1/3cup- black pepper; 3TBsp- white pepper; 2TBsp- cayenne pepper; 2TBsp- dried thyme; 2TBsp- dried basil; 1TBsp- dried oregano
smaller batch- 2TBsp- salt; 2½TBsp- paprika; 2TBsp- granulated garlic; 1TBsp- black pepper; 1TBsp- onion powder; 1TBsp- cayenne pepper; 1TBsp- dried thyme; 1TBsp- dried oregano

Blackening Spice Rub- 1/4cup- garlic powder; 1/4cup- onion powder; 1/4cup- thyme; 6TBsp- paprika; 4tsp black pepper; 4tsp- cayenne pepper; 4tsp- basil; 4tsp- oregano; serve with sweet fruit salsa to cut the heat

Paul Prudhomme's Blackening Seasoning- 1TBsp- sweet paprika; 2½tsp- salt; 1tsp- onion powder; 1tsp- garlic powder; 1tsp- cayenne; 3/4tsp- white pepper; 3/4tsp- black pepper; 1/2tsp- dried thyme leaves; 1/2tsp- dried oregano leaves

Paul Prudhomme's Poultry Magic- 1½tsp- salt; 1/2tsp- paprika; 1/4tsp- cayenne pepper; 1/4tsp- onion powder; 1/4tsp- garlic powder; 1/4tsp- black pepper; 1/4tsp- dried thyme; 1/4tsp- dried oregano; 1/4tsp- rubbed sage; pinch cumin

Greek Spice Blend- 1TBsp- garlic powder; 1TBsp- dried basil; 1TBsp- oregano; 1½tsp- salt; 1½tsp- black pepper; 1½tsp- dried parsley; 1½tsp- dried rosemary; 1½tsp- dried thyme; 3/4tsp- ground nutmeg

Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend- 1/4tsp ground cinnamon; 2tsp- ground ginger; 2tsp ground nutmeg; 2tsp all spice; 1tsp ground cloves

Lemon Pepper- zest from 3 lemons; 2TBsp + 2tsp- black pepper; 2TBsp salt

Curry Blend- 2TBsp- cumin powder; 2TBsp- ground coriander; 2TBsp- turmeric; 1½tsp- ground cardamom; 1/2tsp cinnamon; 1/2tsp- cayenne pepper

Italian Spice Blend- 2TBsp- dried basil; 2TBsp- dried oregano; 1TBsp- dried thyme; 1TBsp dried rosemary; 1TBsp- garlic powder; 1/4tsp- onion powder; 1/4tsp salt

Chili Seasoning- 2TBsp- chili powder; 1tsp- cumin; 1tsp- coriander; 1tsp- unsweetened cocoa powder; 1/2tsp- garlic powder; 1/4tsp- cayenne pepper; 1/2tsp- salt; 1tsp- regular paprika; 1tsp- smoked paprika

Taco Seasoning- 2TBsp- chili powder; 2TBsp- ground cumin; 1½tsp- onion powder; 1½tsp- garlic powder; 1/2tsp- cayenne pepper; 1/2tsp black pepper; 1/2tsp salt; 1/2tsp oregano

Indian Sweet Spice Blend- 1tsp mustard seed; 1/2tsp cumin seeds; 1/4tsp- hing (aka- Asafoetida); 1/2tsp- turmeric; salt to taste; 1tsp- ground cumin; 1/2tsp coriander

All-purpose Roasting Rub- 6TBsp- salt; 2TBsp- smoked paprika; 2TBsp- onion powder; 2TBsp- garlic powder; 2TBsp- Italian seasoning; 2TBsp- brown sugar; 1TBsp- thyme; 1TBsp mustard powder; 1TBsp black pepper

Sweet Carolina Barbecue Rub- 1/4cup- paprika; 3TBsp- brown sugar; 2TBsp- cumin; 2TBsp- chili powder; 2TBsp- black pepper; 2TBsp- garlic powder; 1TBsp- cayenne pepper; 2tsp- onion powder; serve with a vinegar based bbq sauce to counter the sweetness of the rub

Herby Lemon-Pepper Rub- 3TBsp Italian seasoning; 2TBsp- parsley; 2TBsp- garlic powder; 2TBsp- onion powder; 6TBsp lemon-pepper; serve with lemon wedges.

Smokey Texas Rub- 6TBsp- smoked paprika; 3½TBsp- brown sugar; 1TBsp- onion powder; 4tsp- oregano; 4tsp- salt; serve with hickory smoked bbq sauce or steak sauce

Fairy Dust Rub- 1/4cup- paprika; 2TBsp- salt; 2TBsp- sugar; 2TBsp- cumin; 2TBsp- mustard powder; 2TBsp- cayenne pepper; 1TBsp- garlic powder; also good on vegetables

SantaFe Seasoning- 1/4cup- cumin; 3TBsp- ground coriander; 3TBsp chili powder; 2½TBsp- oregano; 2½TBsp- thyme; 3/4tsp- cloves; 3/4tsp- allspice; 3/4tsp- cinnamon; use in pumpkin or butternut squash soups

Montreal Seasoning- 1/2cup- salt; 2TBsp- black pepper; 1TBsp- crushed red pepper; 1TBsp- thyme; 1TBsp- rosemary; 1TBsp- fennel seeds; 2tsp- onion powder; 3/4tsp- garlic powder; good on french fries

Savory Dry Rub- 1/3cup- paprika; 1/4cup- black pepper; 3TBsp- salt; 4tsp- dark brown sugar; 2tsp- garlic powder; 2tsp- onion powder; 2tsp- cayenne pepper; excellent blended into your hamburger mix

Ancho Dry Rub - 3/4cup- ancho chili powder; 4tsp- cumin; 1TBsp- salt; 4tsp- brown sugar; 2tsp- black pepper
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Re: Spice Blends & Dry Rubs

Postby outlaw » Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:42 am

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