Look What I Found

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Look What I Found

Postby Williep » Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:14 am

While walking down the Strand in Galveston yesterday I walked in Beef Jerky Outlet https://gotexan.beefjerkyoutlet.com/ and while I was looking around I saw these and just had to have them.

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Re: Look What I Found

Postby OldUsedParts » Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:31 am

Sneeking off to the "Island", eh Willie ? AND ran into some of our Friends :tup: :salut: :cheers:

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Re: Look What I Found

Postby txsmkmstr » Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:09 am

Walked into my local Beef Jerky Outlet and went to the one shelf where I usually find SuckleBusters - only to find a very limited selection and not the rub I was needing. Let out a big sigh and the owner asked what I was looking for (Pecan Rub) then pointed me to a whole series of shelves dedicated solely to SuckleBusters - JACKPOT BABY!!! They had it ALL.... :thap:
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Re: Look What I Found

Postby Gator » Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:07 pm

Oh yeah - they have lots of good stuff in BJO! Thanks!

My kids claim they have best gummy bears on earth.... :dont:

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