Yo Piney ?

Any food other than BBQ or Grilled.

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Yo Piney ?

Postby OldUsedParts » Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:24 am

As I mentioned yesterday, I decided to do a different cook with the Jalapeno Bacon and see what happened
so here's a little Pic Toot Oriole from this morning.

Nuked a piece for 30 seconds and here's what the grease looked like

Finished nuking, then cut into pieces and dumped grease and all into a beaten egg

Added some homemade Salsa and Pepper Jack Chez

Pan fried an "unfolded" Omeletto with a Cinnamon Roll to accompany it

I think my next use will be as a topping on a good burger :chef: :cheers:
"Good BBQ Comes From Experience, and Experience, Well, That Comes From Bad BBQ "

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