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Re: Competition Chicken Roundtable...

Postby js-tx » Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:34 am

allenayres wrote:If you're injecting your chicken for competition, is there a reason to brine it as well? I'm wondering if I'm taking the chance to introducing flavors that may not work well together. I would think brining would basically be trying to do what I just did with the injection...

My last competition I could taste a flavor in the chicken I didn't turn in that reminded me of crawfish boil - not a strong flavor, but there in the background/after taste (possibly chili peppers in the rub?). About a year ago a buddy on another team had me taste his ribs - I got a strong crawfish boil flavor and he really didn't appreciate me saying so :laughing7: He did say he had some cayenne pepper in there. I need to practice more away from competition on the flavor profile I'm looking for. Crawfish boil ain't it :laughing7:

You could brine and inject, but yes all your flavors would have to work well together. If anything I would go with a simple brine, so there's less risk of flavors clashing. I think I know what you mean by a crawfish boil taste, I think it comes from not having enough sugar in your brine/injection. Not that you want to taste sweet but it helps balance out the salt.
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Re: Competition Chicken Roundtable...

Postby allenayres » Sun Aug 18, 2019 6:07 pm

Thank you, I’ll have to practice that before the next competition. I *think* it may be to chipotle rub I used on the last cook. I’ll go back to my old recipe and go from there.

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