Yoder Loaded Wichita vs the Horizon 20” RD Special Marshall

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Yoder Loaded Wichita vs the Horizon 20” RD Special Marshall

Postby Fig_n_Pig » Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:23 pm

HI Everyone:

I’ve been lurking for a while trying to gather information on purchasing my first stick burner and was hoping someone had some hands-on experience with the two models I’ve narrowed my search down to: The Yoder Loaded Wichita and the Horizon 20” RD Special Marshall.
Little about me: I’ve been making BBQ for about 8 years now using both a Cabela’s Masterbuilt Barrel Smoker and my Weber Summit Grill with a Smoker Box. While both have created great meals, The Barrel Smoker is about worn out (temperamental heating element) and the Weber has issues holding a low and slow temperature. For these reasons, I’m looking to upgrade to a true offset BBQ rig. I’ve had the opportunity to see both in person, so looking for some advice from someone that has had hands on experience cooking with both.

From what I have gathered from other threads, the Yoder Loaded Wichita is a quality rig aesthetically with great welds, but can suffers from some air flow issues via slamkeys posts on the topic . I live in Denver and due to the high altitude and thin dry air, burn through a TON of charcoal any time I fire up my Weber kettle. I’m worried that the altitude plus having to leave the side door open through the entire cook is going to make me go through a pile of charcoal and wood any time I’m cooking.
In regards to the Horizon, it sounds like it has better airflow, but comes without the 2nd cooking grate and the welding isn’t as ascetically pleasing. Problem is there is much less info online about the unit itself.

Does anyone have any advice they can bestow on a future stick burner newbie?
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Re: Yoder Loaded Wichita vs the Horizon 20” RD Special Marshall

Postby Debro012 » Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:59 am


I am new to the forum, and I too am interested in the loaded Wichita. My research has led to the questions you've presented, and I'm curious on your decision.

I'm also interested in whether @Slamkeys would recommend a loaded Wichita, based on the updated build.

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