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Akorn Questions

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:43 am
by castironchris
Well I got it home so now what to do... I fired this grill up Tuesday night but got called into work before it ever got up to temp so last night I tried again. Figured I would cook a few South Texas Ribeyes from HEB. Followed WV's suggestions for lighting from the post he put up for Power. I was thinking to cook these things about 325. Remembered that I never checked the temp gauge on this thing so I stuck my little Weber meat probe through the side.
2016-09-07 19.13.48.jpg

Is it ok to do this? I have seen probe wires ran through this way so I didn't figure it would hurt anything. I have checked this temp probe and it is one degree off at 212 so I figured it must be about right. The gauge on the dome of the Akorn was not even close but I kinda figured that because I have read that they are not very accurate and the book even says +/- 10% so at 300 it could be 270 or 330 degrees. Not very good in my book.
If I do decide to buy this, I will be looking for a replacement. Any suggestions??
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Also in regards to temp, On my BPS the temp probe is placed under the cooking grate. With my meat probe stuck under the lid as it was, I noticed a significant temp drop when I put the meat on. I understand this and expected this but after being so used to my BPS which always remained steady when putting meat on, it spurred another question. Do you try to raise your temp back to your original cooking temp or do you just leave it as is knowing that you were at the right temp when you started? From what I am used to on my BPS it never was a concern because the temp under the meat remained as it was prior to adding the meat. Maybe I am just being ignorant or maybe I just need to put a probe under the grate. Anyway the pork turned out ok. Would have liked to add a reverse sear at the end just to give the meat some character but I didn't. I plan on playing with the Akorn all weekend while the wifey is out of town so I am sure I will have some more questions!!
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Re: Akorn Questions

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:47 am
by egghead
Getting used to controlling the temp this weekend is a good idea. If you go high to begin with, it will take a good while to reduce the temp so I recommend starting out low.

Suggest removing the dome thermometer and calibrate it before you get started - if it's removable/adjustable.

If you set up for a long low and slow, the dome temp will be higher than the grid temp by about 20 degrees - hot air rises

If you open the dome, the dome temp goes down immediately but you still have the same fire as long as you simply open flip, baste, or spritz then close.

Re: Akorn Questions

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 10:10 am
by woodenvisions
When u open the lid for any reason once it's at temp, you will do two things. First, I will lose a huge amount of heat, BUT at the same time you will be stoking the fire as well. I wouldn't touch ur vents, it will come back to your previous temp in a few minutes just give it some time. If you try to compensate, you will overshoot ur temp and that's the last thing u want to deal with because you will be chasing temps unnecessarily.

As for your stock temp gauge, do urself a favor and order a TelTru, I paid about 13 $. Make sure you measure the stem length and width and order the closest one available.
The width is important, u don't want a loose fit. The length can vary a Small amount. It will fit over the stock bezel.Make sure it's calibrated as well, a lot happens in shipping.
Just remember ur grate temp will be different than ur dome so u really should buy a good dual probe thermometer.
Can't go wrong with Mavericks but that's just my opinion.
Again, that stock gauge is nothing more than a paper weight or eye gouger...

Good luck