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Pallot of pellets

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 11:31 am
by bondobill
Since getting my pellet smoker last April I've burned thru close to 10 40lb bags of pellets :shock:
Been using Perfect Mix. I've been ordering them thru Amazon. With my prime account I was supposedly getting free shipping, $35 for a 40lb bag.
Was going to order a few more bags last week thru Amazon but before I did I visited cooking pellets web site. You can order direct thru them. Ordering individual bags from them you won't save anything because of the shipping charges involved but....if you order a pallot load 15 40lb bags shipping is included. Bag price comes out to around 24 bucks a bag.
Seeings how my son wanted some bags also I placed a order for a pallot load. I opted for the additional $40 charge for the use of the lift gate from the trucking company also opted for the add on charge of 12 bucks for a 3-5 day delivery.
Within a hour of placing the order I receive a call from them. I wish I could remember the name of the gal on the other end cause she was a sweetheart.
Anyways she thanked me for the order. She also said that she saw I was having it shipped to my auto body address. I told her that was correct. She then went to say if it was ok with me they would individually box up each bag, ship them UPS, that way the UPS driver would unload them and place them wherever we like. She also said this way she would refund my credit card the 40 buck lift gate fee plus the 12 dollar 3-5 day delivery fee cause thru UPS I would have it in 5 days anyways.
Now that is what I call "CUSTOMER SERVICE " :salut: :salut:
Just wanted to give credit where credits do . :cheers:


Re: Pallot of pellets

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 12:26 pm
by OldUsedParts
Hooked on Pellet Cooking, eh Wild Bill :?: me too :laughing7: I've even learned how to get a nice smoke ring on my Oink Bones "woo hoo" :chef: