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Re: Second Cook

Postby bondobill » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:49 pm

outlaw wrote:
bondobill wrote:
outlaw wrote:I'll keep plugging along, I don't give up easily. I wish I had a picture of the first pitiful brisket I did on a stick burner. It was more charcoal than anything, but each one got a little better. :oops: :oops: :shock: :shock:

I've ruined more then my share of meat on a stick burner. :oops:

Pretty hard to ruin anything on a pellet spitter. Yea at first there was a few cooks that I wasn't extremely happy with the end results but after 2 years of using it the one big thing I've figured out is...don't get in a hurry. Low and slow along with a smoke tube will give you a lot more smoke flavour.

Your cook looked fantastic Outlaw :salut:


I used the same pellet you use Bill, but can you recommend a more "robust" one for stick burner type flavor?

I run strictly the perfect blend pellets in my hopper. For beef I add a couple smoker tubes with hickory.
I'm sure different flavour of wood pellets make for a stronger flavour of smoke but I think the amount of time at lower temps makes for more smoke flavour.
I've found with my RecTec any thing over 250 degrees doesn't create much smoke. I use my cooker for long slow cooks only. The last 2 18 lb briskets I did took right around 12 hours to hit the stall at 160 IT before wrapping. I had the grille set at 210 on xtreme smoke.
I've had Oink bones go 8 hours in the smoke before wrapping.
Will you ever get as strong a smoke flavour in a pellet that you get with a stick burner...probably not, but for me any how, I can get plenty of smoky goodness on my pellet spitter.

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Re: Second Cook

Postby jasonpalderson » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:31 am

outlaw wrote:[quote="Williep"][quote="outlaw"][quote="Williep"]Nice looking !! :salut: What do you call the thing's that the meat is on in the pit ?? :dont:

I'm not sure what they are called. I was walking by a table in Lowes and they were there. I use them primarily in the side box of my stick burner for smoked veggies and peppers. They work great to keep the grills clean, and let the smoke go through. Scrub em and toss em in the dishwasher.[/quote]

I may have to make a run up to Lowes and look around. Looks to me like they would work good to grill fish on. :idea:

They would. I have used them for that if I didn't have enough cedar planks.

If you look at a restaurant supply store you can find square or rectangle ones in different sizes. I have several that we use at our bar. Work great if you want to put some type of liquid in a pan below what you’re cooking but don’t want the product sitting in the liquid. Keeps everything nice and moist.

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