Knives for prepping/slicing BBQ meats

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Knives for prepping/slicing BBQ meats

Postby marvda1 » Fri Apr 24, 2020 7:04 pm

what knives do you use for prepping/ slicing your meats for BBQ?
I just got this one in, it's so sharp that you can take that thick membrane on that skirt of meat on the back of a slab of ribs off without taking any meat.
most times I just cut it off and cook it by itself but it's still a tough chew with that thick membrane. ... th-p136840

got this when it was on sale, slices really thin. ... ife-p15124

this was on sale for a lot lower than it is now, haven't used it yet because I'm too lazy to cook a brisket :lol: ... th-p137822

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