Thermoworks Smoke

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Thermoworks Smoke

Postby rexster314 » Tue Nov 13, 2018 11:58 am

I know there's a newer version out, but Thermoworks has the Smoke on sale for 79$. I bought a red one because red is more responsive. As it ended up, I also won a NIB Smoke unit on eBay the same day. I had forgotten about my using Auction Sniper on that and didn't think about it till I got the "pay me" email from eBay.
And the Smoke Gateway is also on clearance. But I would never use that myself

Oh well, I can use them on my 2 Masterbuilts
7 Foot X 20" Pipe BBQ pit with offset firebox
KitchenAid 8 burner 88,000 btu Gasser
Masterbuilt 40" Sportsman Elite gasser
PK All Aluminum Charcoal Grill
2 MES 40" smokers
PK360 Grill
Vacmaster 320 Vacuum Chamber Sealer
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Re: Thermoworks Smoke

Postby OldUsedParts » Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:46 pm

Good Deal, Sir Rex, you can always wrap them up for Santa Claus visits :tup: :salut: :cheers:
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