New build and now stuck

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New build and now stuck

Postby Matt Grimes » Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:39 pm

Hey yall new here and I am needing some help I am to the point of cutting the holes for my fire box to chamber but I am confused if I have it right I have a vertical box on the end of my round chamber so I am tryin to figure out how to do both so everything works right and my temps stay right, the vertical box is going to be for ribs, pork butts etc. i used the feldon's calculator and got this round 9.03in half moon 12.77in and Opening area 64.00 sq in.
i am at a lost and don't really want to cut a hole in my fire box till i know its right, have always measured 2 cut once lol. i have attaced some pictures if yall need better ones please let me know, any help is much appresated.
vertical box
vertical box

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