Pork Roast Suggestion

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Re: Pork Roast Suggestion

Postby Papa Tom » Sat Jan 07, 2023 9:41 pm

HJ your pork and kraut recipe sounds similar to my grandmothers.
Grandpa didn't like garlic so scratch that and the kielbasa but the same except she ALWAYS used Rhine wine I'd say at least a cup or so.

Loved her German cooking...
tarde venientibus ossa....
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Re: Pork Roast Suggestion

Postby k.a.m. » Tue Jan 10, 2023 9:26 am

Hj wrote:This is abit late - but U all might try it sometime . Also - that stuff pork someone suggested...sounds awesome ñ For sure I will try it.

Saurkraut Pork Kalbasi ñ Taters Hj's

Been making this since I was 16 .  My Grandmother came from Germany ñ taught me this recipe.
Would anyone like to have a pork roast with some saurkraut - kalbasi ñ mashed potatoes ..oh my, it's so delicious.

Of course -  I brown well all over the pork roast seasoned well in the large roaster. I season with salt ñ pepper all over.  USE a large  roasting pan   - large enough for all the rest that goes in this recipe~

While meat is browning I rinse the kraut really well.  Very Important ñ drain it !

KEEP all  the drippings from browning the pork roast in the roaster ñ add with the pork roast all the below.**

To the brown roast ñ drippings add - a little water to get all that brown goodies from browning the pork..so scrap ñ mix well with a little water to start ..add all the rest U can remove the pork while doing this I DONT. CAUSE I don't want to lose any juices.

**add all ñ stir
Saurkraut that was rinsed really well n drained 
3  to 4 bay leaves
1 onion very large chop or 1½
6 garlic cloves diced fine
4 celery ribs chop ñ chop some leaves in
kalbasi  cut diagonally the whole pkg.
pepper well 
my secret  Ingredient is~
½ c. Pearl Barley 
water to cover ñ more if needed
..place in oven "covered" - 350⁰F. - cook till all pork is tender - stir the kraft ñ others once in awhile. . Now - I suppose you could do this on a grill. 
Serve over mashed taters.

Note - can always add salt if needed ..hard to remove too much . THE BROTH WILL be brown n a little thick not too thick when finished. 

I never tried - but - maybe one could smoke all this. HAPPY New Year to all. 2023

I need this in my life!!! :D
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Re: Pork Roast Suggestion

Postby Hj » Sun Jul 23, 2023 6:29 pm

Made great green chile sauce with lots of pork and roasted green chiles . Served over rice. I brown that roast well n cooked in water with Knorrs chicken broth. After the pork is tender. I removed the meat ... coagulated all the fat n disguard it. Cut the cooked meat up into size I want. Returned to pot with fat all gone and made my green chili sauce. Serve it many dishes pouted over rice. Burritos so many things n can freeze it. Grill it stuffed with gr. chiles or alone. So good also. Slice for main meal or sandwiches make quesadillas, pizza, so many good recipes.
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