Hj's EASY Dinner or Snack Bake - Air fry or Grill

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Hj's EASY Dinner or Snack Bake - Air fry or Grill

Postby Hj » Wed Dec 01, 2021 7:41 am

Hj's EASY Dinner or Snack Bake - Air fry or Grill

3 chicken breasts ~ season with salt ñ pepper
cut a slit in chicken like a boat - add
½ c. cheese grated UR favorite ñ fold over
Will need more cheese for later as much as
U like or just **
ROLL chicken into the 2 below mixtures once

Mix together in bowl~
½ c. breadcrumbs fine seasoned with little
pepper 1 tsp. each garlic granular ñ paprika
¼ c. flour
Another bowl~
2 eggs beaten with a little salt

Roll again breast in breadcrumbs a 2nd time.
Fry in olive oil ñ butter - 2 minutes each side - turn gently so cheese stays inside chicken. Remove fried chicken to a container to bake in.

SAME skillet fry ñ saute - cover simmer 5 minutes~
1 onion chop
2 to 3 garlic cloves dice fine
3 roma or plum tomatoes dice fine
salt ñ pepper to taste *
Place this mixture on top of the cooked breast with remaining grated cheese ñ place in preheated 360⁰F. oven - bake - 40 minutes

** Can add some roasted green chiles inside chicken with cheese or add to onion mixture or in both areas. Can use serrano peppers diced as a substitution for green chiles or can use the cheese mix inside ñ top with onion mix ñ replace the topping cheese with a jalapeño cream cheese sauce the last 5 minutes of baking instead of the cheese that was used for inside the chicken.

If using gr. chiles or serrano's - dice a little cilantro leaves mixed in with some cumin powder with the onion - tomato ñ garlic mixture. GET CREATIVE

CAN grill or air-fry these ñ place chicken on foil or in an oven container with the last part of cooking.

Can use 6 chicken thighs with a slit
DON'T know if these can be smoked this way.
CAN USE THICK PORK CHOPS with a slit also.

I've done this mixture with beef rolled liked bricole. Using all the mixture ñ rolled beef ~used very thin round steak. After beef was rolled ñ cooked .
I sliced it thin ñ we've eaten it cold making as described below ~
For the beef dinner or snack - can use spinach - sliced extremely thin mozzarella or provolone - black olives - mushrooms - bacon or prosciutto - onion - garlic - tomato - salt ñ pepper ñ touch of red crushed pepper or cayenne - rolled up. SECURE all with soaked wet toothpicks ñ cook or grill. Can make an easy Marinara sauce of ~
SMALL can of tomato sauce - garlic ñ onion granular - black pepper - Italian seasoning - touch of oregano ñ fresh basil with Romano grated cheese ñ a touch of red crushed pepper flakes or a very tiny tiny bit of sweet chile sauce for that brush of wow. MORE sauce wanted use larger can of tomato sauce
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Re: Hj's EASY Dinner or Snack Bake - Air fry or Grill

Postby Rambo » Wed Dec 01, 2021 8:18 am

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Re: Hj's EASY Dinner or Snack Bake - Air fry or Grill

Postby Papa Tom » Wed Dec 01, 2021 2:01 pm

HJ doesn't drop by all that often but when she does it is always bueno! :tup: :stir:
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